Asked Questions
Q - I think I'd like to join, but I can't play the pipes or drums?
  A - Don't worry, we'll teach you!
Q - Is there a charge for lessons?

  A - No, but we'd like you to commit to 2 years' service.

Q - Are uniforms provided?
  A - Uniforms are provided at no cost to playing members.
Q - Are instruments provided?
  A - Yes.
Q - Do I have to supply any equipment?
  A - Apart from your time & shoes, very little.
Q - Do I have to live in the Town of Innisfil to join?
  A - No.
Q - I see the band is connected with a Legion Branch. Do I have to be a
member of the Royal Canadian Legion?

  A - The band practice's at the Legion; and operates totally on its own.
Q - I already play, are there auditions?
  A - No auditions required.
Q - Does this band play only in competitions?
  A - No. This is a non-competitive band - we play for fun.

Q - About how many engagements per year?

 A - About 25-30 performances.

Q - Is there much travel involved?

  A - Most parades are within an hour's drive, many members car pool.

Q - When was the band formed?

  A - October 1977.
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Q - What is the tartan called?

 A - Black Stewart.

Q - Why was Black Stewart chosen?

  A - We had looked at various tartans and choose not to go with the popular Royal Stewart.

Q - When, where and at what time does the band practice?

  A - Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 547, at Robinson & Ewart St. in Belle Ewart (Innisfil).  Thursday nights, 7:00pm to 9:00pm





Experienced Pipers &
Drummers also welcome!